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For Michigan providers clearing through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan EDI (a free clearing house service), you will need to do some work filling out forms and going through red tape. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Call BCBSM EDI and get a submitter: ID 800-542-0945 Option 4
  2. Get TPA USER ID and password: 800-542-0945 Option 1
  3. Verify NPI numbers on Crosswalk: 800-588-9121

Other States:

Railroad Medicare:

  1. To get a submitter ID, you will need to download a form from the Railroad Medicare web site: www.palmettogba.com
  2. Mail (yes, that's us postal service) completed form to RR Medicare. Our Biller's Advantage 837 state direct software is approved for RR Medicare so you will not have to go through the testing process
  3. Call 866-899-5227 to register your NPI numbers on RR Mediare's crosswalk file


Our 837 State Direct tool will create standard 837 files that can be used to submit directly to any insurance provider supporting ANSI standard EDI files.